Hand Therapy

The Pennsylvania Hand Center and its staff are dedicated to one goal: the care of patients with disorders of the Hand, Wrist and Upper Extremity. The delicate nature and complexity of these problems can best be handled by a team effort, with the close cooperation of Hand Surgeon, Hand Therapists and ancillary staff who are especially trained, certified and experienced to deal with hand care and rehabilitation, and who are fully equipped to do so. Our ongoing research and involvement in National and International organizations allow us to bring to our patients the latest developments in Hand Surgery and Therapy.

A personalized program is developed by the Hand Surgeon and Hand Therapist at the Pennsylvania Hand Center for each patient, taking into consideration the underlying problem, findings at the time of surgery (if one has taken place), a particular patient’s capacity and progress, as well as up-to-date information on hand care. The availability of these services in a single facility, with Hand Surgeon and Therapist under one roof, provides our patients with the best care possible, especially when frequent evaluations and changes in treatment are necessary.

Our patients come from the wider tri-state area, and frequently have to travel two or three hours to the Hand Center for treatment. Many patients do this on a daily basis when they require intensive treatment; they drive on their own, with an escort, or they use public transportation (there are two train stations, each one block away from the Hand Center).

The outline of treatment and its adjustments, however, should only be done by the Hand Surgeon and Hand Therapist at the Pennsylvania Hand Center, who monitor the patient’s overall progress in conference on a regular basis and are ultimately responsible for making any additions or changes to a patient’s program. For this reason, it is imperative for such a patient to continue to see his Hand Surgeon and Hand Therapist at the Pennsylvania Hand Center on a regular basis.

Some patients have been under the care of their own physician and therapist for a period before they were referred to the Pennsylvania Hand Center. These health care providers are often interested in participating in the continued care of their patients. This is encouraged by the Pennsylvania Hand Center and its staff, who will work closely with these providers in order to help speed a patient’s recovery. We encourage communication between the physicians, therapists and rehabilitation specialists responsible for each patient’s care and thus are always available to answer any questions regarding the patient’s status or program.

We obviously cannot be expected to keep outside therapists informed of the latest developments in Hand Therapy and frequent changes in our protocols. For these reasons, our preference and the patients’ best interest are to attend Hand Therapy at the Pennsylvania Hand Center, under the direct supervision of their Hand Surgeon.