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  • Patient Review (unveiling)

    I appreciate how well you took care of me on the first of April. It was a brief and almost painless surgery. I’m looking forward to the “unveiling”.

  • Patient Review (kindly)

    From my initial visit to your office, everyone treated me very kindly. Every visit to your office was filled with smiling faces and hardworking people. The staff on the rehab side of things was great as well. They kept me moving, kept building my strength up over time. I was a little reluctant to give […]

  • Patient Review (wonderfulness)

    Thank you all for your kindness, friendship, patience and all around wonderfulness! Many, many good wishes to all of you!

  • Patient Review (words)

    Thanks is a small word, but when it comes from the heart as mine does, it becomes very big. I feel like I am in good hands with you.

  • Patient Review (wonderful)

    Thank you for help during my therapy, you have a wonderful group here to work with

  • Patient Review (11 years)

    11 years have passed and I’ve been so fortunate that my badly injured left wrist was, thanks to you, so healed and usable without any problems. During the years I’ve thought of you and spoke of you to my family. Every culture has their own clever sayings. My mother had one for every occurrence in […]

  • Patient Review (wrist)

    Thank you for all that you did for me after my fall, most days I don’t even realize that I broke my wrist. Your kindness, concern and excellent care will always make you special in my heart.

  • Patient Review (incredible)

    Thank you all so very much for being so great at what you do. I know I wouldn’t be healed and back to normal life without your incredible skill, care and support. I wish you all the very best- Liz

  • Patient Review (compliance)

    I followed all of your instructions and once again you have proven you all know what the hell you’re talking about. This is the fastest recovery I’ve had from an injury in years! You were all so helpful, and the humor helped! Since 2007 I have had to use your services for 3 different things […]

  • Patient Review (healed)

    Thank you for knowledge, patience and discipline- I am a better person (and healed!) for it.

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