Wound Care II

Your bandages have just been changed. We removed the drains that were placed in your wound at the time of surgery. This leaves a small opening in the wound for a couple of days. It is therefore important that you keep your wound(s) dry and clean for the next 48 hours.

After these 24-48 hours, bandages become optional. You do not have to keep your wound covered, provided you can keep it dry and clean. You can wash-up and take a shower. Do not rub your suture line; blot it dry when done. Do not ever apply any type of ointment, cream or lotion to your wound.

Be sure to report any:

  • Fever or chills.
  • Persistent drainage from the wound (white or yellow fluid).
  • Foul smell in the dressing.
  • Increasing pain not relieved by the prescribed medication.
  • Increasing redness around the wound.
  • Red streaks on the skin towards your axilla (armpit).
  • Enlarged glands or “lumps” in your armpit.

All of the above also hold true after suture removal.
Please note that scarring after surgery is normal. Scars are usually worst an average of 6 weeks after surgery. Hand Therapy may be necessary to deal with the scar.