Wound Care I

Your wound or incision is most prone to infection the first 3 to 5 days.
Be sure to report any:

  • Fever or chills.
  • Persistent drainage on the dressing (white or yellow fluid).
  • Foul smell in the dressing.
  • Increasing pain not relieved by the prescribed medication.
  • Increasing redness around the wound.
  • Red streaks on the skin towards your axilla (armpit).
  • Enlarged glands or “lumps” in your armpit.
  • Some pain is normal following surgery and trauma. Itching is also normal in the process of healing. Your bandages should be kept dry and
    clean and your hand should be elevated as much as possible.

Pin Care: The skin around the pins can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide (a cotton swab is useful for this) followed by betadine.

Elevation: Some swelling is common after surgery or trauma. Elevation and finger exercises are helpful to minimize this. Try to keep your
hand elevated above heart level. This can be done by placing the hand in a sling or pointing your fingers toward the opposite shoulder.
When sitting or lying down, one or two pillows may help keep your hand above heart level.