Other Names: Tendon inflammation, tendon or muscle strain.

What It Is: Tendons are like cables; they are connected to the muscles and make joints move. Tendons and muscles are found all over the
body, and tendonitis can therefore be found anywhere in the body as well.

Cause: This is usually the result of inflammation, which may be secondary to repetitive trauma or a specific injury to a tendon or muscle.

Treatment: Avoiding irritating factors is important. Rest, splinting and therapy may take care of the problem. Anti-inflammatory medication
and sometimes a steroid (cortisone) injection can be of help. Occasionally, surgery is needed to relieve the pressure around
the tendons.

Sometimes a Hand Therapy program can speed recovery and prevent recurrence. This involves education in avoidance of irritating factors, alternate ways to perform some activities, and an exercise program for that particular injury.