Pin Care

Metallic pins have been used to immobilize part of your hand to allow it to heal properly. These pins are prone to infection and great care should be taken to prevent this.

  1. Keep your pins, wound and bandages as clean as possible.
  2. Avoid banging your pins.
  3. You may cover your pins with a band-aid if they tend to hook onto clothing or the like.
  4. Twice a day clean your pins as follows:
    • Using a cotton swab (Q-tip), dip one side in hydrogen peroxide and clean your skin around the pin.
    • Using the other side of the cotton swab, use Betadine to clean the pin and the skin around it.
  5. Do not apply anything else in terms of creams or ointments to the pin area.
  6. Excessive pain, redness, or drainage around the pins may signal an infection. Call your doctor if any of these occur.