EMG and Nerve Study

EMG: These letters stand for: E = Electro (Electrical) M = Myo (Muscle) G = Gram (Measure).

Background Information: Your nerves conduct electricity just like an electric wire; they bring sensation to your skin and trigger muscle function. The EMG (and nerve study) measure the amount of electricity in nerves and muscles. A disease in the nerves or muscles may be reflected by an abnormality in the “EMG”. In this fashion we are able to detect if there is a problem with these structures, where the problem is, and how severe it is.

Does It Hurt? The greatest part of the test requires application of a small current through the skin, which feels like a tingle. A small part of the test involves a tiny needle which is inserted into some of the muscles to check their function; this may cause a little discomfort.

Any after-effect? Occasionally there is some muscle soreness for a short time after the examination, easily relieved by icing the area.

What others say: “It wasn’t so bad after all!”; “It had to be done!”; “It wasn’t as bad as others I have had!”

What’s the big deal? The EMG/Nerve Study will help your doctor determine how severe your problem is, and therefore which type of treatment is best suited for your condition. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to ask your doctor or any staff member.

NOTE: Please wear a sleeveless tank-style top the day of your scheduled EMG appointment.