Dupuytren’s Disease

Other Names: Palmar Fibromatosis, Nodular Fasciitis

What It Is: This disease produces thick scarring in the lining of the palm. It can also involve the sole of the foot and the genitalia.

Cause: Cause is not known but may be related to heredity, alcoholism, or some diseases such as diabetes. It frequently becomes worse following trauma or wounds in the palm. When the disease is “active”, i.e. in the phase of scarring, it may be painful (aching mostly).

Treatment: Mild cases do not require any treatment. If the disease progresses, it may limit function. Treatment consists then of surgery to remove the palmar scar. Therapy and splinting are usually necessary for at least a couple of months. Recovery is slow, and requires some effort and persistence on your part; do not get easily discouraged. Recurrence following surgery is not rare. Flare-up of indolent carpal tunnel syndrome after surgery is also not uncommon.