Arthroplasty – Joint Replacement

New Joint: You have been scheduled for or are considering joint replacement surgery. This operation consists of the removal of a diseased joint and replacing it by some material such as hard rubber, plastic or metal. It is a serious operation which must be followed by intensive hand therapy.

Loose Sleeves: Following surgery, you will have a bulky bandage and/or cast and you may also get a splint fabricated in therapy. All of these are bulky and may prevent you from wearing regular clothing; you will need loose fitting sleeves. “Regular” sleeves can be adapted by opening the seam and using velcro or snaps to hold them together. You should start wearing these from the time you go to the hospital for your surgery.

Therapy: The splint and/or cast is extremely important to hold the new joint in place in the first few months. In addition, an exercise program will be outlined for you. You must be prepared to attend therapy frequently and you will have to do some exercises at home. Without appropriate Hand Therapy the results are usually very poor.

Ask Us: If you have any questions about your surgery or therapy please do not hesitate to ask your surgeon or therapist for an answer.