Anti-inflammatory Medications

These medicines work on inflammation anywhere in the body, whatever the cause. It often takes a few weeks before the full benefit of these drugs can be noticed. They work only if taken on a regular basis, whether there is pain or not. They were not prescribed as pain medicines!

Sometimes one drug won’t work but another will. Different people respond to drugs differently, therefore a few medicines may have to be tried before the best one for your particular case can be found.

Avoid taking alcohol while taking this medicine.

Side Effects

Common / Not Serious:

constipation or stomach upset.
(To minimize this take your medication on a full stomach.)
Uncommon / Can Be Serious:

allergic reactions: rash, itching, difficulty breathing
bloody or black tarry stools
bloody or cloudy urine, difficulty urinating or change in bladder habits
hearing or eyesight disturbances, or lightheadedness
Be sure to tell your doctor if you:

are taking any medicines
are allergic to any medicines
have any medical problems, especially stomach or bleeding problems
are pregnant or breastfeeding