Practice Philosophy

We believe health care is a partnership between patients, providers and specialized personnel. By involving our patients in the decision process, we ensure a high degree of compliance and success. We also work closely with our referral sources and physicians to maximize our patients’ gains and ensure a speedy recovery. We make every effort to remain at the forefront of our field in every aspect of Health Care.

Caring is a quality that the personnel of the Pennsylvania Hand Center all have in common. We believe in a team approach for treatment in which physicians, therapists, medical and therapy assistants, receptionists and aides, patient representatives, and all other members of the Pennsylvania Hand Center work together with each patient individually to make him/her better and allow a prompt return to previous activities

The Pennsylvania Hand Center believes that quality medical care should be available to all without any discrimination and irrespective of financial means. For this reason, we participate in most Health Plans. Patients are reminded, however, that their choice of an Insurance Plan (e.g. HMO) may limit their reimbursement from insurance companies and the services which they are allowed to receive.


Our fees are based on type of treatment and degree of difficulty as well as time spent. We practice and encourage cost containment by providing personal care and allowing a prompt recovery and return to work. In order to keep our fees reasonable, we request that applicable fees and co-pays be paid at time of service. Participating Insurance Plans will be billed directly.

We are required by law and through our contracts with insurance carriers to collect co-pays and deductibles from each patient. These amounts depend on each patient’s particular insurance plan. Better plans require less out of pocket in a doctor’s office, and that is not under our control; it is the result of a plan that you chose (or someone chose for you).

A patient account representative is assigned to each patient to help answer any questions, file insurance claims and arrange for financing if needed.


Our patients are usually referred by their treating physicians, family and friends. We also accept direct referrals from patients and through their insurance adjusters, rehabilitation specialists or attorneys. We work closely with the referring and family physician or agent to maximize the patient’s gain and ensure a speedy recovery.

The frequency of patient visits varies according to individual needs and the severity of the problem under treatment.

Our motto is “…because we care!” That’s because we do!

We care about our staff, and we care about our patients. That is the key to our success.