Support Staff

we know SPORTS!


  • The clinic is where the Hand Surgeons see the patients in consultation. Registered Nurses, Nurse Assistants, Clinic Assistants, and Radiographers staff the clinic. These professionals work under the supervision of the Hand Surgeons, and carry out functions essential  to the care of patients with upper extremity problems.
  • The clinic includes areas for minor surgical procedures, Electrodiagnostic Studies, and X-Ray. Each area is staffed by professionals specifically trained in those fields, and allow the patients to obtain all their necessary treatments in one location.


Hand Therapy

  • Hand Therapy is often critical to the treatment of Hand and Upper Extremity problems. It is often the only treatment necessary. It is also crucial after surgery, to maximize gains, help control scarring, and restore motion and function.
  • The Hand Therapists are specialized professionals who dedicate their time and skills to the care of the upper extremity. They are initially trained in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy, and have further training and experience in the care of the upper extremity. They work closely with the Hand Surgeons, and are involved in ongoing continuing medical education and research in the field of Hand Therapy.
  • Therapy Assistants and Therapy Aides assist the Hand Therapists. These professionals have special training and skill in the care of the upper extremity, and extend the care of the Hand Therapists in various activities, for the benefit of patients.



  • Billers are Patient Account Representatives. They help patients keep their financial accounts up to date and accurate. They submit patient bills to insurance carriers. They help ensure that we get paid for our services, so we can continue to maintain the Hand Center and its Staff, and so that we may continue our mission of taking care of patients with upper extremity problems.


  • Our Receptionists are in charge of greeting patients, answering phones, making appointments and collecting payment from patients. They have a difficult job, because they have to deal with a wide range of people and problems, and they are skilled at directing patients to the appropriate party if they cannot handle a situation.




  • Administrative personnel are a key component to the operation of the Hand Center. They include Office and Department Managers, Secretaries, Typists, Bookkeepers, and Information Systems Specialists. They make sure that the facility is adequately equipped with Staff, Equipment and Supplies. They make sure reports are generated for all patient encounters, and they respond to all patient administrative needs (disability forms, legal reports, etc..).