Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Hand Center is a primary and tertiary care center for problems of the hand, wrist and upper extremity dedicated to providing the best quality care possible in a compassionate way. Our goal is to make patients feel welcome, know that they are people, not numbers, and should not have to put up with long wait times and rushed care in a specialist’s office. Particularly, we are focused on the goal of improving patients’ function and decreasing their pain. The Pennsylvania Hand Center has become renown for its compassionate and expert care of patients with hand, wrist and upper extremity problems.

Our referrals from other physicians and past patients attest to the expertise of our services. Our patients know that we can make them better or, at the very least, no-one can try harder to help them. We are able to do this through our continuous education programs for doctors, hand therapists and every member of the staff, as well as our constant efforts to refine our skills and keep abreast of the latest developments in our field of expertise. We are also well known for our innovations in diagnosis and treatment, both surgical and non-surgical. Our Staff are carefully selected and trained to assist patients in an efficient and caring fashion.

The reputation of the Pennsylvania Hand Center attracts a variety of upper extremity problems. We see a complete cross-section of common problems such as carpal tunnel, hand and wrist pain, as well as less common disorders, including congenital and degenerative disease, micro-vascular and peripheral nerve problems.

We believe our patients’ time is as valuable as our own, and have essentially eliminated the long waiting room hours so typical of most medical practices. To expedite patient’s care, we provide most commonly needed services on site, including X-Ray, Nerve and EMG testing, Hand Therapy and minor surgical procedures. We encourage patients to avoid the wait in hospital emergency departments, and to call us directly with their problems.

In 2017, the Pennsylvania Hand Center became a member of Tower Health, an exciting new integrated health care provider.  See more information at towerhealth.org.